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Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System - 2015


What is WHMIS?

The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) is Canada's national hazard communication standard. The key elements of the system are hazard classification, cautionary labelling of containers, the provision of (material) safety data sheets ((M)SDSs), and worker education and training programs.


Why Do Workers Require Training?

In Canada, if a workplace uses hazardous products, there must be a WHMIS program in place. Workers must be educated and trained so they understand the hazards, and know how to work safely with hazardous products.

All workers who work with a hazardous product, or who may be exposed to a hazardous product as part of their work activities must learn the hazard information for these products. The hazard information should include: the information received from the supplier, as well as any other information that the employer is aware of about the use, storage, and handling of each product.

This course will prepare you to work safely with the hazardous materials specific to your workplace.

Course Description

This instructor led WHMIS course will provide you with the education and training necessary to understand how the WHMIS system works, how to identify hazards, and how to work safely.

This course meets the requirements for both first time and refresher training.

Course Outline

  • The information on both the supplier label and workplace label, and what that information means
  • The information on the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and what that information means
  • The procedures required for safe use, handling and disposal of a hazardous product
  • Any other procedures required when the product is in a pipe, piping system, vessel, tank car, etc.
  • The procedure to follow if the hazardous product may be present in the air and a worker may be exposed
  • All procedures that must be followed in an emergency that involves the hazardous product


Successful completion of this course requires an 80% grade on a written exam (theory) and a "pass" rating on the practical portion. 

 Upon successful completion a certificate of completion and wallet card will be issued.  Annual recertification is recommended.

Course Length

Full Day