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Our Team


Our entire team is made up of First Responders - this is what we are trained to do.

 When you hire Rescue Me, you hire people devoted to what they do.  Our qualifications make us leaders in the health and safety training and services industry. 

Glenn Gillespie - Owner

 Glenn's passion for helping people defines everything he does.
It is this passion that drove Glenn to change careers and join Toronto Fire Services over 15 years ago. It is also the motivation behind the founding of Rescue Me. 

Paul Mathieson - Director of Operations

 Paul is a senior safety professional with over 20 years of service with Toronto Fire Services.
Paul sees great value in sharing his in-depth knowledge and real-life experiences with other safety professionals and the general public. 

Shawn Ireland - Director of Training and Development

 Serving others is a cornerstone to Shawn's career.  Shawn was a valued member of the Canadian military before becoming a firefighter with Toronto Fire Services for over 16 years.
Shawn has found many opportunities to combine his thirst for technical knowledge with his passion for teaching others, including being part of Rescue Me.  Shawn believes every job and teaching assignment is unique, this keeps his job interesting. 

About Us

Our Values


We take care of people... including our own

Rescue Me team members feel a strong sense of loyalty to each other; this brings the best to Rescue Me.  This strong sense of loyalty reinforces our commitment to our clients; we take care of you, the same way we take care of each other.


Sharing knowledge – through education and training       

Safety is a concern in our everyday lives.  We strongly believe in sharing our knowledge and training people to be safe.


We value all workers equally

We value all workers equally. Yes, we help large clients such as Suncor, Petro Canada, and Esso, but we are just as committed to serving small businesses and non-profit organizations. We will respond to all rescue situations with the same speed and efficiency and with the right skilled professionals for the job.

Our Quality Exceeds Expectations


Rescue Me strictly adheres to the Ministry Standards in all aspects of the health and safety services we provide.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations in delivering those standards through our rescue services and training delivery. Our team members are dedicated to lifelong learning to continuously improve their knowledge and skills. Our people are committed to being the best.

We are always ready to go. We have unlimited skilled professionals - we can handle any job, any time.