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Spill Response Training - Awareness and Operations


What is Spill Response?

Spill response is the term used to describe the activity that takes place after some type of unplanned release of toxic or hazardous materials.

It is important to know how to respond promptly to a hazardous spill to minimize the impact to workers, property, and the environment.

Why Do Workers Require Training?

Spills have the potential to cause serious environmental damage; as well as, harm to workers and damage to property and reputation.  Regulations in Ontario have established procedures for minimizing the hazardous effects of spills.

This course will prepare you to effectively prevent spills and teach you how to safely contain spills.

Course Description

This instructor led, awareness level training course will give you an understanding of pre-spill planning, the deployment and use of equipment for spill clean-up operations, and the importance of risk assessments. This training is essential for workplaces that use, handle or transport dangerous and hazardous substances; enabling organizations to respond quickly in the event of an accident or emergency. 

This instructor led, operations level training course will build on your Spill Response Awareness training through practical, escalating scenario based training. Scenarios will range from simple spills to simulated release of large volumes. You will have the opportunity to rehearse the management of contaminated personnel and equipment involved in hazardous materials incidents. 

Course Outline

  • Dangerous goods classes
  • HAZCHEM coding
  • Risk assessment
  • Spill control (offensive/defensive)
  • Spill control options
  • Spill reporting
  • Incident command system
  • PPE- use and choice of
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Spill Kit content and utilization
  • Client defined simulations
  • Practical, scenario training


Successful completion of this course requires an 80% grade on a written exam (theory).  The Operations Level training has a required practical exam, requiring a 'pass' rating.

 Upon successful completion a certificate of completion will be issued, valid for 2 years. 

Course Length

Full Day