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Working at Heights


What is Working at Heights?

Working at heights is a common activity in many workplaces and includes any work done at height where a worker could fall a distance a be injured.  

Currently there is a differentiation in legislated requirements for working at heights training for construction and for other workplaces.  Rescue Me offers two courses to satisfy both areas of need.

Why Do Workers Require Training?

Fall hazards are dangerous in any workplace.  Employees who are required to work at heights must have adequate knowledge and training to ensure their safety.

Working at Heights for Industry is designed to meet the basic requirements for workers required to work at height.  This course is an effective way to keep you and your employees up-to-date with the fall protection training requirements but does not meet the Working at Heights Program Standards for Construction.

Working at Heights for Construction is designed to meet the requirements set out in Occupational Health and Safety Act for those working in construction.

Course Description

Both Working at Heights Training programs are designed to address the fall safety needs for workers in their applicable field.

The goal of this fall protection program is to ensure that recipients understand fall protection safety principles as they apply to the work environment and how to correctly use fall protection at all times.

Course Outline

· Rights and Responsibilities

· Hazard Recognition

· Hazard Control

· Warning Methods

· Ladders

· Personal Fall Protection Equipment

· Barriers and Other Fixed Equipment

· Personal Fall Protection Equipment

· Anchor Points

· Work Access Equipment and Platforms

· Rescue Planning


Successful completion of this course requires an 75% grade on a written exam (theory) and a "pass" rating on the practical portion.

Upon successful completion a certificate of completion and wallet card  will be issued and will expire 3 years after the date of completion.  Working at Heights for Construction participants will also receive a Ministry issued certification.

Course Length

Full Day